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Naturopathy at STRONG.

Naturopathy at STRONG.

STRONG. Naturopathy combines traditional healing practices with modern scientific knowledge to address the root causes of health issues. Naturopaths use a range of therapies such as herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle counseling, and physical therapies to support the body's inherent healing abilities. Our goal is to treat the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—while promoting wellness and helping individuals achieve optimal health through personalized, natural interventions. Common conditions treated by naturopathic medicine may include acne, fertility, indigestion, and hormonal issues for both men and women.

Your first visit with your naturopath will typically last 60-90 minutes. This comprehensive first step attempts to better understand you and what brings you in. This is primarily achieved through an extensive health history. Here you discuss your condition or symptoms, when it began, how long it has lasted, things that make it worse, etc. The goal here is to create a better understanding of the causes and potential treatment options available.

Following this initial visit, your naturopath will create an individualized plan to address your needs. This may include a number of treatment options such as lifestyle changes, nutrition, acupuncture, or supplementation. In some instances, additional testing or screening may be recommended.

Subsequent visits may be a necessary part of your treatment plan. These might include additional treatments and act as an opportunity to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the plan as you recover. Your feedback is critical. Open and honest communication allows your naturopath to make changes to your plan when needed, bringing you closer, and closer to full recovery.

Naturopathy Treatments at Strong

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