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Cycling Pain

Cycling Pain can arise from various sources due to the repetitive nature of the activity and prolonged periods spent on the bike. Common types of cycling-related pain include saddle sores, which are skin irritations or sores on the buttocks or groin area, and numbness or tingling in the hands or feet caused by pressure on nerves. Cyclists may also experience knee pain, often linked to improper bike fit or pedaling technique.

Treatments we often recommend for cycling pain: Treatments will vary based on the cause and type of pain. Accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment are essential for effectively managing symptoms and getting back to doing what you love. At STRONG., we may recommend seeking help through physiotherapy or chiropractic. Chiropractic or physiotherapy treatments might include exercise or rehabilitation of the affected area, tissue release of tight muscles, joint mobilization/manipulation, or acupuncture. To minimize cycling pain, it's crucial to have a well-fitted bike, appropriate cycling gear, and proper riding posture. Addressing pain early and seeking professional advice can prevent more serious issues and enhance the overall cycling experience. As your pain subsides, working with a personal trainer on upper back strength and mobility can often be helpful as a second step.

Treatments may include:

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